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1st Friday’s we have live acoustic music from 10:00pm to 1:00am with Matt Hutchinson. Every Saturday night, the Rendezvous Lounge hosts live acoustic music from 10:00pm – 1:00am. Then on Sunday nights from 10pm to 1:00am we have SIN night where DJ Salinger is spinning your favorite beats! As always, there is no cover charge any night. Grab some friends, order your favorite drink, and enjoy the entertainment! Playing:-


Sat. Apr. 1st – Nick Moccia @ 10pm

Sun. Apr. 2nd – DJ Salinger @ 10pm


Fri. Mar.7th.  – Matt Hutchinson @ 10pm

Sat. Apr. 8th – Joey DeNoble @ 10pm

Sun. Apr. 9th – DJ Salinger @ 10pm


Thurs. Apr. 13th


The Chance @ 10pm

Keith Monacchio @ 10:45pm

Christian Evanko @ 11:30pm

Jerod Encenrode of BLD @ 12:15am

Steve Wilkins @ 1:00am


Fri. Apr. 14th 


Pat Foran @ 10pm

Kerin Maguire @ 10:45pm

Danielle and Jennifer @ 11:30pm

Eugene Taylor Band @ 12:15am

Lisa Heller @ 1:00am


Sat. Apr. 15th 


Justin Angelo @ 9:30pm

Hannah Paige @ 10:15pm

Beverly Stokes @ 11:00pm

Hari Vassan @ 11:45am

Cory Cruise @ 12:30pm

Saniye @ 1:15am


Sun. Apr. 16th – DJ Salinger @ 10pm


Sat. Apr. 22nd – Patrick Stoner @ 10pm

Sun. Apr. 23rd – DJ Salinger @ 10pm


Sat. Apr. 29th – Will Williams @ 10pm

Sun. Apr. 30th – DJ Salinger @ 10pm


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Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday Nights @ The Rendezvous Lounge